Around Talsperre Pöhl is a 100-kilometre network of footpaths, allowing you to discover – on foot – gentle hills and bubbling brooks running through steep valleys.

Draw up your own individual tour in our tour planner. You can find some of the most attractive walking routes described below:


A walk along the 20-kilometre Talsperrenrundwanderweg – circular route around the reservoir – offers magnificent views of Talsperre Pöhl. The demanding route features uphill and downhill sections through meadows and woodland, incorporating viewpoints of both forebays and the dam.

The route can easily be shortened by taking the leisure boat to or from one of the request landing stages in Altensalz, Gansgrün and on the Schloßhalbinsel peninsula.

Vogtland Panorama Weg


The 18-kilometre Brückenwanderweg trail links the two largest brick-built bridges in the world. From the Elster Viaduct (Elstertalbrücke), this easy to medium walk runs through the valley of the same name towards Steinicht. Passing small and large climbing rocks, the Devil’s Pulpit (Teufelskanzel) and the Nixenwiese meadow, the route reaches the “Ochsensprung” junction. The walk continues via Ruppertsgrün and Reimersgrün, and over the 511-metre Kuhlberg, with its restaurant and viewing tower. Following the path via Dungersgrün und Netzschkau, you eventually come to the end of the walk – the Göltzsch Viaduct (Göltzschtalbrücke), the largest brick-built bridge in the world.

Our tip:

You can easily travel to or from your walk by train. Timetable information is available from Verkehrsverbund Vogtland (Vogtland transport association).

Jocketaer Panoramaweg

This ten-kilometre walk (easy to medium) winds through the hilly, low mountain scenery around Jocketa and takes in many stunning viewpoints.

From Jocketa, the walk runs to the Loreley Rock (Loreleyfelsen). It then drops into the Triebtal valley with its wild streams and waterfalls. The route then climbs via Pyramidenwiese to Friedenshöhe, Huthausplatz and then up the Eisenberg with its “Julius Mosen” viewing tower. After descending back down to the Talsperre Pöhl dam, the walk runs along the banks of the reservoir to Neudörfel, via Alt-Jocketa, past the Dreifaltigkeitskirche (Trinity Church) and back to the starting point in Jocketa.


Eight kilometres in length, this moderate walk runs from Möschwitz to Lochbauernhof via the Schäferbrücke (shepherd’s bridge). From there, the route follows the road to Natur- und Umweltzentrum Pfaffengut Plauen (nature and environment centre) and the Pfaffenmühle restaurant. Here, a woodland path turns off into the wild and romantic Nymphental valley, which joins the Elstertal valley at the Devil’s Pulpit (Teufelskanzel). Near to the Elster Viaduct (Elstertalbrücke), the route continues through the Triebtal valley with its wild streams and waterfalls. It then climbs via Huthausplatz to the Eisenberg, where the Julius Mosen tower offers a magnificent view of Talsperre Pöhl and the surrounding towns and scenery. From the Eisenberg, the walk heads back to Möschwitz.

Von der Voigtsgrüner Bucht nach Plauen

This five-kilometre walk takes you through fields, meadows and woodland, offering beautiful views of the town of Plauen. It runs from the Voigtsgrün Bay (Voigtsgrüner Bucht) on Talsperre Pöhl, along the Friesenbach stream to the final stop on the Plauen tram route, “Waldfrieden”.