Whether taking a trip around Talsperre Pöhl, or cycling long-distance routes like the Elsterradweg and Euregio Egrensis Radweg, the low mountain scenery of the Vogtland region offers a wide range of opportunities to undertake challenging cycling tours.

Service points for cyclists

A service point for cyclists, including a Flickstation and maintenance facilities, is located at the high ropes course. Inner tubes can also be obtained around the clock from a vending machine.

Accommodation for Cyclists

The ECLU camping pods at Campingplatz Gunzenberg have everything that cyclists on one of the long-distance cycle tours require to relax and recover before they continue on their journey.


Bicycle Hire

Bicycles for children and adults, and e-bikes, can be hired from the reception at Campingplatz Gunzenberg.

1 day

½ day (up to 5 h)



Fee for bicycles

12,50 €

10,00 €

2,00 €

50,00 € / per bike

Fee for e-bikes

20,00 €

12,00 €


100,00 € / per bike


Approximately 250 kilometres long, the Elsterradweg runs from the source of the White Elster river (Weisse Elster) at the Czech town of Aš to the point it joins the Saale in Halle. Part of this long-distance cycle track passes not far from Talsperre Pöhl.

From Campingplatz Gunzenberg, a cycle path runs parallel to the road to Möschwitz. Here, the route bears right into the Elstertal valley. After a short while, it reaches Lochbauernhof and the Elsterradweg. From here, you can head upstream towards Elsterberg, Greiz and Gera. Downstream, the towns of Oelsnitz and Bad Elster are also within reach.

Many places along the Elsterradweg have connections to the Deutsche Bahn railway network, making them easy to travel to and from by train. You can obtain timetable information from Verkehrsverbund Vogtland (Vogtland transport association).

Euregio Egrensis Radweg

The Euregio Egrensis Radweg is a 529-kilometre route around the point where the four states of Bavaria, Bohemia, Saxony and Thuringia converge. Part of this long-distance cycle track runs along the side of Talsperre Pöhl.

The cycle path comes from the east, from Johanngeorgenstadt and Eibenstock, via Schöneck to Talsperre Pöhl. It then continues northeast, past Reichenbach, to the towns of Greiz and Schleiz.

Radweg rund um die Talsperre Pöhl

Those wishing to cycle around Talsperre Pöhl have a choice of two routes. Both variants are roughly 20 kilometres long.

Option 1

This route predominantly takes quiet roads from Campingplatz Gunzenberg to Voigtsgrün and Altensalz, before continuing to Neuensalz, Thoßfell and Gansgrün, on to Helmsgrün and Neudörfel, then back to the start.

Option 2

The majority of this cycle route is on footpaths: from Campingplatz Gunzenberg it heads along Voigtsgrüner Bucht, past the two forebays in Neuensalz and Thoßfell (steps must be negotiated at both forebays), to Gansgrün and Helmsgrün, on to the Neudörfel bungalow park, and then back to the start of the tour via the dam.